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Co-op Camp-in-a-Day was held August 1, 2020, with 25 zoom sessions in 12 hours, The organizers had three goals for Camp-in-a-Day: to fill the void of no Co-op Camp in 2020; to gather campers in fun and educational activities; and, to raise money for our host Camp Sierra (the original goal was $2,000). We met and exceeded all three goals. Individual donationsranged from $5 to $500, and every penny is appreciated. A total of $6,400 was raised and has been donated to Camp Sierra on behalf of Co-op Camp.

The Camp Sierra Conference Association Board (Paige Addington, President) extends its sincere appreciation for Co-op Camp Sierra’s donations. 

Some activities had kits to be preordered, to get the full Camp experience from home!
Around Camp 01.JPG

Thank you to the organizers of Camp-in-a-Day: Amy Carlstad; Shira Davidson; Tsan Merritt- Poree; Molly Wedel; Rae Wedel and Kai Weber.


Thank you to the Zoom hosts: Shira Davidson; Tsan Merritt-Poree and Rae Wedel


Thank you to the presenters: Julie Aguiar; Victor Aguiar; Ed Biglin; Jeremy Bullis; Amy Carlstad; Lia Chester; Rachel Cohen; Jessie Davidson, Shira Davidson; Noah Friedman-Biglin; Kristine Hunter-Zweig; Bruce Hunter, Jane Logan, Tsan Merritt-Poree; Deborah Peterson Small; James Sword; Kai Weber; Molly Wedel; Rae Wedel; and Charlie Zweig


And, most of all, thank you to everyone who participated and donated to Camp-in-a-Day


Abrahamsen, Laura

Abrahamson, Dan*

Aguiar, Victor & Julie

Alper, Ty

Anderson, Marcia*

Auerbach, Jonathan

Auerbach, Judith

Baird, Jessie

Benson, Caeli

Beigel, Lynda*

Blank, Stu

Bobroff, Robert

Bullis, Jeremy

Bullis, Ken

Buxton, Mary*

Calhoun, Lisa*

Campbell, Cathena

Carlstad, Amy*

Chester, Billy

Chester, Lia

Cohen, Lenore

Cohen, Rachel

Converse, Alex

Cooper, Nydia*

Davidson, Jessie*

Davidson, Shira

Davis, Ellen*

Davis, Mark

Demong, Jasmine

English, Darren

Fluhr, Madaline & Eddie Resendes*

Friedman-Biglin, Noah*

Garcia, Nancy

Gibbs, Sarah

Gil, Matthew

Glaser, Marianne

Grass, Britta

Grey, Heather*

Help, Obo*

Hunter, Bruce & Sue*

Jones, Faith

Klinger, Adam

Lindahl, Lois

Linssen, Karen

Loup, Cathy

Macari, Matt*

Macari, Steve

Maloney, Stacy

McLean Madera, Jennifer

Merritt-Poree, Tsan*

Monheit, Susan

Moore, Betsy*

Nowicki, Jacqueline

Pavlovsky, Alan

Peterson Small, Deborah*

Ponce, Robert

Preston, Mark

Reddick, Kimberly

Reedy, Aimee*

Robbins-Laurent, Nadine

Santiago, Amor*

Siegel, Warren*

Steinberg, Bob*

Stewart, Steve

Suzanne Fox

Sword, James*

Thompson, Geanine

Tremble, Angel

Urban, Glenn*

Van Hengel, Drusilla

Washburn, Shari

Weber, Kai*

Wedel, Paul & Rae*

Wedel, Molly*

Weitzman, Jeffrey

Zweig, Charlie & Kristine Hunter Zweig 

* Donation of $50 or more

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