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Camp Sierra is located in the Sierra National Forest, at an elevation of nearly 5000 feet, midway between Huntington and Shaver Lakes (South of Yosemite) in one of the finest recreation areas in California. It is about 90 minutes from Fresno.

Since 1938 people have come to Co-op Camp Sierra to enjoy the natural beauty, the activities, and the new and old friendships with other campers. There are many two and three generation families, and even several four generation families. Also, lots of single adults find it easy to mix in.  People of all ages and backgrounds are very welcome. 


"When I saw a couple of young guys in camp escorting one of their grandmothers to the dining hall, I knew that I wanted my son to be a teenager in this camp."

Co-op Camp was built on cooperative principles, and many campers still participate cooperatively in the activities of camp, as they wish.  Activities include tie-dying, hiking, crafting, sports, singing, folk dancing, carnival, talent show, auctions, group exercising, trivia, coffee get-togethers and more. A major attraction are the “Potholes” (just under mile hike away) where you can slide and swim in massive granite pools fed by a large creek.


Once you experience the magic of Co-op Camp Sierra, you will be drawn back again and again. Come, give it a try! 

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