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Co-op Camp Sierra is a place where people of all ages can enjoy the community atmosphere of a cooperative society in a particualarly beautiful setting. It is an affordable vacation getaway in the High Sierras with something for everyone.

Co-op Camp Sierra’s first year was 1939, and it’s still going strong. Though the founders are gone, many of our campers come back year after year to ensure that our special community carries its tradition forward. In part, Camp's longevity can be attributed to the amazing setting--nearly a mile high in the Sierra National Forest, about 50 miles southeast of Yosemite-but it's really the people and the program that make it such a unique, enduring experience.

Co-op Camp has something for everyone. Families, single parent families, extended families, and singles of all ages join together to create a unique, vibrant community. One recent year there were 8 different families at camp who had brought along 3 generations of family members! It’s amazing to see people of all ages and from all backgrounds interacting and having fun.

Young children may play on the playground equipment, participate in the daily craft shack activities, join fishing trips, and, with a little help, participate in the weekly tie-dying. Older children will enjoy swimming at the Potholes, going on day trips to Shaver Lake, various nearby hot springs, and horseback riding. Teenagers will enjoy the laid-back environment and jumping into the Potholes from the rocks above them. The annual pontoon boat rental at Shaver Lake is popular with kids 12 & up.

Adult campers love Camp Sierra. The relaxing atmosphere provides a welcome break from daily routines, with childcare available. A variety of activities are planned daily for the adult population. There are topical informative sessions, arts and crafts, folk dancing, sing-alongs, campfires, rock climbing, hikes, river and lake swimming, and volleyball games. Outdoor barbecues, a carnival, a talent show, films, making music, theater, and just sitting around relaxing are popular for all ages.

Meals are served family-style in the dining hall. Morning announcements and the camp newsletter keep campers informed of current events every morning.

For both affordability and adventure, housing options range from "bring your own tent," to dormitories, rustic cabins, lodges, and duplex cabins. Family-style meals are served three times a day in the camp dining hall, where vegetarian options are always available.

Topical sessions for adults have included global travel reports, environmental action, parenting support, wilderness medicine, cooperative housing, yoga, and more. New sessions are presented each year.

"The Potholes" are an amazing stretch of Big Creek close to Camp. Campers ride the natural rock water slide, jump from a high rock into a deep, clear pool, and lie on the smooth rock in the sun--an experience not to be missed. The Camp Sierra site also includes a creek-fed, lifeguard-staffed swimming hole for people of all ages. Nearby, Shaver and Huntington Lakes offer beaches, swimming, boating, fishing, and more.

A testimonial from an enthusiastic repeat camper: "When I saw a couple of young guys in camp escorting one of their grandmothers to the dining hall, I knew that I wanted my son to be a teenager in this camp."

Co-op Camp Sierra offers an exciting and affordable setting for a great family get-away. We hope you'll join us up the mountain, "Where Potholes are a good thing!"


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